Photo Studio Rental Brooklyn NYC

Why you need to rent Mik Space photo studio in NYC

Photo studio rental Brooklyn NYC. We are 2 minutes walk away from the Subway (L) and 15 minutes ride away from Union Square. It’s the 4 floor of a former factory building at 75 Stewart ave & 13 Grattan st that has now become home to major galleries, artists and photographers. RAW floors, 15 ft high ceilings, huge windows, brick walls — it’s a real loft flooded with natural daylight.

All professional PROFOTO equipment is included for some studios in cost of photo studio rental. 

Yes, that is correct — NO EXTRA FEES!

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Kyiv studio
13 Grattan, 4th floor

Kyiv studio
$40 per hour
500sqf, floor to ceiling windows facing north, paper seamless backdrops(pulls not included)
Floor Plan photo studio brooklyn

Lida studio
13 Grattan st, 3rd floor

Lida studio
$50 per hour
510sqf, floor to ceiling windows facing north, cyc wall 16ft wide

Mensk, Neon, Tiflis, Lviv
75 Stewart ave, 2nd floor

photo studio floor plan

2 shared changing rooms in hallway

Mensk Studio
$55 per hour
750sqf, 15ft ceilings, 20ft wide cyc wall, window facing south
Neon Studio
$55 per hour
850sqf, 15ft ceilings, Black out photo studio with colored led lights
Tiflis studio
$55 per hour
800sqf, 15ft ceilings, interior studio, light equipment not included
Lviv studio
$50 per hour
1000sqf, 15ft ceilings, studio with muslin backdrops & seamless paper backdrops(pulls not included), windows facing east and south

Belarus studio
75 Stewart ave, 3rd floor

Belarus studio
$60 per hour
1300sqf, 15ft ceilings, large cyclorama wall, windows facing north(NYC skyline), v-flats included, dining area, sync, works great for large production shoots
MikSpace photo studio floor plan


Huge windows, lots of daylight and best equipment
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  • Discounts when you book online

    • 5% off when you book 4-7 hours
    • 10% off when you book 8-10 hours
    • 15% off when you book 12+ hours

Affordable hourly rates for a photo studio rental.
See more photos made in our Brooklyn photo studio below.
We offer huge range of equipment for rent in add-ons if you need more equipment for your shoot. You can book multiple locations in one place during the day.

What is the difference between the studios?

MikSpace New York offers 7 photo studios for rent in Brooklyn, New York. We have 3 studios with white Cyclorama walls. 2 photo studios with Seamless Paper Backdrops. 1 Interior photo studio. 1 Blackout photo studio to film music videos or for shoots that need a complete blackout set.