«Belarus» Studio

It’s the biggest space we have. It works great for bigger production shoots. Make up station for two persons. Large zone with a dining table for your crew. You may control the temperature in the space — you get the access to control powerful HVAC unit. You may set any temperature between 70° and 75°. A number of chair options to chose from. All the furniture from the pictures will be available. Studio is located on the 3rd floor and offers a beautiful Manhattan Skyline view. Sink on site available. Bathroom is on the same floor, near the space. Double clothing rack fits a lot of clothing items. Freight elevator works 24/7. Size: 6*6FT. Please text me before your shoot if you need to use freight elevator — I will send you the instructions on how to use it.

  • Gear List Belarus Studio

    • 1 x Neeweer trigger (Canon/Nikon/Sony)
    • 2 x Profoto D500 AIR
    • 5 x C-Stand
    • 1 x crossbar for backdrops
    • 2 x Softbox 23.6″ X 35.4″
    • 1 x 55″ Octagon
    • 2 x V-Flats
    • Sandbags
    • Additional seamless paper rolls are available (+$20 per pull)

  • Price

    • $60 per hour — weekdays
    • $65 per hour — weekends
    • Fresh painted CYC wall fee $100
    • Discount when you book online 4+ hours

1300 sqf.
15ft Ceilings.
Huge Space
Windows facing north
RAW loft floors
3rd Floor
Private AC — you can control heat and AC.
Sync in the space
Freight elevator work 24/7