You can cancel Booking until 7 days before the event start time and will receive a full refund.

No refund for cancelling booking less then 7 days before event.

You can move your booking only 7 days before event.

 1. Rental time includes load-in, setup, prep and cleaning. For example if your session starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm the space will be available starting at 9 am.

 2. Rental time starts at the prescribed starting time and ends at the prescribed ending time, regardless if renter is late. We can not extend the time of your session for free.

 3. Renter is to vacate the space 5 minutes prior to the ending time of the booking. We need 5 minutes to clean the space and prepare the equipment for the next client.

 4. If the time of your booking is up, and you are still not finished with the photo shoot or prep your time will be extended to 30 minutes minimum. Please, vacate the space on time to avoid extra fees.

 5. ATTENTION: If you start earlier/stay 5 min past the ending time of your booking without letting me know, your booking automatically extends for 30 min at rate x1.5 .YOU CAN EXTEND TIME OF YOUR BOOKING if there are no other booking after you. To take extra time for your booking, please, text me during your booking. In this case the rate will be the same as for your booking (x1) 

 6. No filming, photography, storage, makeup, changing clothes can take place OUTSIDE of the studio (hallways, staircases). Please, inform your crew on that matter.

 7. For Kiev and Lviv: All backdrops are free to use as backgrounds only. Fee $15 per seamless pull/color. Seamless pull is pulling the paper all the way under your feet where you step on it. Please add this during your booking at the add-ons sections if you need to pull the paper under your feet. Please do not cut paper backdrops yourself — fee $20. 

 8. If you want to use any add-ons, please add them when you make the reservation, so we have time to bring all the extra equipment to your space.

 9. Please, do not stand on the furniture/bedlinen with your shoes on. Fee $100.

 10. CYC walls in Belarus, Minsk and Lida studios are not painted fresh every time. Please, let us know in advance if you need a fresh coat of paint. Painting the CYC wall white fee is $100.

 11. NO SMOKING, vaporizers, smoke/fog machine in the building. Penalty Fee $500!

 12. NO guns, alcohol, drugs, smoking on the premises. Penalty Fee $500!

 13. NO confetti, glitter, feathers, faux moss, petals, smashed cake, paint splashes, smashed glass allowed. Penalty Fee $200

 14. Do not place heavy furniture  (dinner table, sofas, etc.)  on the CYC wall. Penalty Fee $200

 15. Do not spill water, liquids, glue, paint, tape on the CYC wall surface. Penalty fee $200

 16. Do not stand on the CYC wall corner. Penalty Fee $200

 17. NO pointy heels on the CYC wall. Penalty Fee $200

 18. Please, make sure to close the door tight, leave the trigger and fob for the space and not to take them with you by mistake. Fee for a lost fob $100.

 19. Please note: you will not be able to record clear sound in our studios. The spaces are not soundproof, it’s loft buildings, there might be some noise from the street and from the neighbors.

12. For the late night bookings (starting 8pm) we kindly ask you to send us $200 Security Deposit. It is refundable in the next 1-2 days after your shoot (if everything is alright in the studio, no damage/rules violation occurred during the booking).