Please read instructions and watch full video how to get in to KYIV studio and work with equipment

Questions? No problem!
Drop us a note +1-732-532-91-92
Please text — do not call

Please watch video how to get in

🔴 Please, pay attention to the info on how to get inside the studio and share it with your crew in case they arrive earlier than you.
13 Grattan St, Brooklyn 4th floor, last door on the left side , unit 405 — door saying MikSpace Studio
1. Watch this short video on how to get inside:

2.Please use BIG BLACK BUZZER⚫️press 305 then press Enter (green) button.

3. Code for the studio door lock (it starts working only 5 min before your booking time) 252525#

4. To get inside on time for your booking — try to be at the building 5 min before the booking starts.
5. Please, vacate the studio 5 min before the end of your booking so that the next guests can start their booking on time.

⁉️If you need assistance — text me here, don’t try to call me⁉️

Studio is under video surveillance (it can/will be used for dispute resolution ONLY). Video footage is stored for 7 days only.
🔴Please note, being that our studio works on self sufficiency, we expect our clients to upkeep the space and leave it in the way it was presented to you at the start of your session.

Please, pay attention to the Studio Rules to avoid extra fees🙏
-No filming, photography, storage, makeup, changing clothes can take place OUTSIDE of the studio (hallways, staircases, elevator).
-Please, don’t play the music too loud.
-No smoking, vaporizers, smoke/fog machine in the building. Penalty Fee $200
-No guns, drugs on the premises. Penalty Fee $300
-No Drinking Alcohol on the premises. Penalty Fee $100.
-No confetti/glitter/moss/feathers/petals/paint splashes/smashed glass/smashed cake/soil/sand/candle wax in the space. Penalty Fee $200
-No tape of any kind on the walls.
-No cutting paper backdrops by yourself. Penalty Fee $20
-Please, before you leave, put the furniture and equipment back where it was.
-Please, take out the trash and shut the door tight 5 min before the ending time of your session.
-No Bulky Garbage. Bulky Items Disposal Fee $200

ATTENTION: If you start earlier/stay 5 min past the ending time of your booking without letting me know, your booking automatically extends for 30 min at a rate x1.5
YOU CAN EXTEND TIME OF YOUR BOOKING if there is no other booking after you. To get extra time, please, text me during your booking to confirm the availability. In this case the rate will be the same as for your booking (x1)

🔴🔴🔴 You can control the backdrops with the remote control, no need to drag them Channel #01.

How to Change a Backdrop: 

How to Set Up Flash Strobes:

1. 🚨All backdrops are free to use as backgrounds only. +$15 per seamless pull/color. Seamless pull: pulling the paper all the way under your feet where you step on it. Please add it during your booking at the Add-ons section if you need to step on the paper. Please do not cut paper backdrops yourself — Fee $20.
One Backdrop Pull is up to 6 ft long.
2. You can bring the paper backdrops down/up using the remote controller. (Please, bring all the backgrounds up after you finish)
2.1 The remote controller has to be set to Channel 01 (there has to be number “01″ on the controller screen)
2.2 Hold gently the paper backdrop to bring it down.
2.3 If paper background would not unwrap please tighten up the rollers on the each side of the paper backdrop roll ( )
3. Plug in the strobes and press the ON button. Put the trigger on your camera’s flash hot shoe. (Please, don’t forget to take it off and leave it in the studio).
3.1 To use the strobes — make sure the channels on the trigger and on the receiver are the same. (check the video instructions if you have a problem with it)
Flash Strobes won’t work if your camera is in the LiveView mode.

Basic settings for your camera to work with strobes:
— 1/160 second
— Aperture: f5.6
— ISO 200


🧨You can tag us on Instagram @mikspaceny

🔴PAY ATTENTION — you can cancel or move your booking only until 7 days before booking. No exception!

💰Save your money!
🔴We have an EXTRA Cleaning FEE of $40 if the space is left unclean and disorganized. That means you need to leave the space in the same condition as you found it, otherwise I will need to pay for cleaning, so you will be charged extra $40! Please leave space clean and organized to avoid extra fees 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thank you!
Please read this message from the top 🙏