Minsk Studio - Mik Space - Mik Space Photo Studio Brooklyn
Photo studio in New York city. From 50$. Best studio in Brooklyn. Check it now
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“Minsk” Studio

CYC wall are painted 2-3 times every week.
If you would like to have them freshly painted white for your shoot, please let us know in advance.
Painting fee $100.

  • Gear List
    • 1 x Profoto trigger (Canon/Nikon/Sony)
    • 2 x Profoto D1000 AIR
    • 3 x Profoto light stands
    • 3 x 10x 12FT Pure Muslin Collapsible Backdrop
    • 1 x 5-in-1 Oval 31 x 47 Multi-Disc Light Reflector
    • 2 x Dimmable Bi-color 480 LED (Video Light)
    • 1 x 14″x63″ Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox
    • 1 x Background Stand
    • 2 x Portable Rectangular Softbox 23.6″ X 35.4″
    • 1 x 55″ Softbox Octagon
    • 1 x Safstar Pro Adjustable Reflector C-Stand
    • 2 x V-flatsAdditional cost:
    • 1 x Profoto D500 AiR Flash (+10$/hr) EXTRA
    • pull Savage Seamless paper background +$15
    • 107″ Seamless Paper Background +$80

  • Price

    • 2 hours – $80/hr
    • 3-7 hours – $65/hr
    • 8+ hours – $60/hr

The space is in the 4th floor at 56 Bogart St, windows facing Manhattan (north). Direct natural sunlight hits the space during the last 2 hours before sunset. There is 2 large windows which can be covered with a black curtain. The space is 750 sq ft and is comfortable for a crew up to 15 people to work in. The CYC wall is 21ft long and 16 ft deep. There are also 3 muslin backdrops in the space. We can also arrange stands for paper backdrops and an extra table if needed. There are make-up station, steamer, 2 V-flats, clothing rack and white boxes in the studio.
Paper backdrops are NOT included in the cost of rental. We can provide a paper backdrop for extra $15 per pull, or $100 for a whole backdrop (in that case you can take it with you after the shoot).
CYC wall is not painted fresh every time. Please, let us know in advance if you need a fresh coat of paint. Painting the CYC wall white fee is $100.