Book Neon

400 sqf
1 backdrops for 1 hr booking included
Seamless backdrops 107″
Neon Light included
Godox Strobes included
Elevator Weekdays 8am-4pm
$40 per hour

Book Lviv

600 sqf
Corner Space — Super Bright
ProFoto Strobes included
1 backdrops for 1 hr booking included
You can use 1 backdrop for free for every hour
Elevator work only on Weekdays 8am-4pm
$45 per hour

Book Minsk

750 sqf
CYC wall
ProFoto Strobes included
Elevator work only on Weekdays 8am-4pm

$60 per hour

Book Kiev

500 sqf
Different background colors 107″
1 Backdrop for 1hr of booking included
(3hr — 3 backdrops)
Strobes included
Elevator 24/7
$50 per hour

Book Lida

500 sqf
CYC wall
Strobes included
Elevator 24/7

$55 per hour

Book Belarus

1300 sqf
Big CYC wall
Strobes included
15 Ft ceilings
Private control AC & Heat
Sync in studio space
Min 3hrs
$65 per hour


You can cancel Booking until 7 days before the event start time and will receive a full refund.
No refund for cancel booking less then 7 days before event.
You can move your booking only 7 days before event.
  1. Rental time includes load-in, setup, prep and cleaning. For example if your session starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm the space will be available starting at 9 am.
  2. Rental time starts at the prescribed starting time and ends at the prescribed ending time, regardless if renter is late. We can not extend the time of your session for free.
  3. Renter is to vacate the space 5 minutes prior to the ending time of the booking. We need 5 minutes to clean the space and prepare the equipment for the next client.
  4. If the time of your booking is up, and you are still not finished with the photo shoot or prep your time will be extended to 30 minutes minimum. Please, vacate the space on time to avoid extra fees.
  5. Elevator working hours for Minsk, Kiev and Neon photo studios: Weekdays: 8am-12pm, 1pm-4pm. For Lida studio elevator is 24/7
  6. We can provide the elevator for you crew 1 time to bring all of the crew up and 1 time bring all of the crew down. We can not provide the elevator for each member of your crew separately since it is a freight elevator and is operated only by a superintendent of our building and not us. It would be more convenient if all the crew members use the elevator together to get to the photo studio (4th floor). You can also always use the stairs.
  7. CYC walls in Minsk and Lida studios are not painted fresh every time. Please, let us know in advance if you need a fresh coat of paint. Painting the CYC wall white fee is $100.
  8. All photo lighting is included in the cost of booking for Minsk, Lida and Kiev studios. For Neon studio photo equipment can be provided for an extra fee.
  9. Paper backdrops are included for Kiev and Neon studios. You can use 1 color backdrop for each hour of your booking for free. For example, if your booking is for 3 hours you can use 3 color backdrops for free. Any extra backdrop is $15 per pull.
  10. Please, make sure to leave the trigger and not take it with you after the shoot is over. Fee for a new trigger is $329 + TAX
  11. Please, text our host upon the end of your booking to check out, he/she will come to clean and check the equipment.
  12. You can extend the time of you studio photo shoot if there is no other booking after you. Minimal extend time is 30 minutes.
  13. Please, do not use the hallway to change clothes or to keep things/equipment. You can use the studio space, restrooms and the sink in the hallway during your shoot. Please, inform your crew on that matter.