«1863» Studio

  • Gear List

    • A set of Two 480 LED lights
    • 2 x Muslin Backdrops
    • 4 x pairs Velvet Backdrops
    • 2 x Lights stands
    • 1 x Extension Cord
    • 1 x Portable Steamer
    • Wall Mounted Clothes Hangers for 10 hangers

  • Price

    • Weekdays — $50 per hour
    • Weekends — $55 per hour
    • 2 hr minimum
    • Discounts if you book 4+ hrs

Velvet fabric backdrops set a luxurious tone, while expansive north-facing windows bathe the room in natural light, casting a soft, flattering glow on every scene. The studio’s unique character is further enhanced by its eclectic mix of design elements, including one white brick wall exuding industrial chic, a wall adorned with lime wash for a rustic touch, and another featuring intricate moldings for added depth and sophistication.