«Lviv» Studio

  • Lviv Studio Gear List

    • 1 x Neeweer trigger (Canon/Nikon/Sony)
    • 2 x Profoto D500 AIR
    • 6 Different textured backdrops
    • 4 x C-Stand
    • 3 x Light Stand
    • 1 x Background Stand
    • 2 x Softbox 23.6″ X 35.4″
    • 1 x 55″ Octagon
    • 4 x Sandbags
    • 6 seamless backdrops — you can use paper backdrops like a backdrops for free. If you will not add «Setup» — You will get white + 5 random colors.
    • +$20 per seamless pull/color. Seamless pull: pulling the paper all the way under your feet where you step on it. Please add this during your booking at the add-ons sections if you need to pull the paper under your feet.

    You can add extra equipment during checkout — please check Equipment for rent

  • Price

    • $50 per hours — weekdays
    • $55 per hour — weekends
    • $20/pull seamless backdrop
    • Minimum 2 hrs
    • Discount when you book more then 4hrs
    •  $ 5/backdrop — backdrop Seamless Setup if you want us to pre-install some particular color of paper seamless for you — Please add Seamless Setup in the Add-ons and let me know what color you would like to use

850 sqf.
15ft Ceillings.
Corner Space, great natural Light during all day
2 floor, direct sunlight from 8am-2pm
Freight elevator work 24/7.
2 free changing room available.
Book Lviv Studio
It’s probably the best studio for shoots with paper and muslin (fabric) backdrops and that’s why: 
Massive Windows 10ft*10ft facing East and South, getting tons of natural sunlight. Direct sunlight hits the space from the early morning until 2pm. 
High ceilings 15ft not only let tons of natural light in, but also allow the backdrop system to be installed higher under the ceiling. This way all 6 backdrops are far enough from the floor, making it easier to shoot full-length portraits. This height also lets installing lightning equipment higher over the head of the model. 
Paper backdrops are installed so that a photographer may shoot far enough from the model, using long-focus lenses. You can work from up to 35 ft away from the model. Core equipment is included with the booking. We don’t store extra equipment (add-ons) in the studio so that it does not clutter up the space. Please add any extra equipment you need in advance — in the add-ons section while booking. 
Freight elevator is available 24/7. Size of the freight elevator 6ft*6ft. If you need to use a freight elevator please let me know in advance. I will send you the video on how to use it. 
There are two changing rooms in the hallway. Your models don’t need to dress in the bathroom or inside the studio.
Concrete floors. What’s great about the concrete floor is that it does not squeak nor move when you jump,dance or just walk on it. Concrete always looks perfectly well on camera thanks to its unique pattern. To top it off, it’s impossible to cut or damage it. 
You may also use a black wall (under the paper backdrops) and the white wall (if you move away the muslin backdrops). 
Central AC maintains the temperature on a nice 72 degrees level. 
We have 4 connecting spaces on the 2nd floor. 5 spaces total in this building. You may book several spaces simultaneously if you have a large crew coming. You may 4 connecting spaces with different vibes and styles if you have many shoots in a row requiring diverse look.