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Photo studio

Site for a photo studio in Minsk.
The customer preferred a colorful design for his site, so the color scheme turned out very saturated while maintaining minimalism.
The customer also asked to design a logo with a man, so there was a funny guy with a camera in his hand. Later we came up with several different costumes for him, which vary depending on the season and the holidays.
A simple form of booking a studio through the calendar has been developed on the website of P-Zh. Each visitor can view the calendar and book the halls depending on the time.
For the project, there were created accounts in social networks that give 50% of the traffic to the site.
To keep the target audience, after booking the studio, customers will be invited to subscribe to accounts in social networks and purchase additional products. Based on the statistics, 40% of customers who have made an online booking, subscribe to accounts in social networks, and 30% buy additional studio booking, thereby increasing the average check.
The site entered the top 10 Google on the main request 2 weeks after the creation of the site. Now out of 10 possible lines, 3 is our site.

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